Workshops & Training to Help Your Congregation Grow

Personal Evangelism, Teacher Training, Ladies Days, Gospel Meetings, Online Evangelism

Teacher Training

The Teachers Workshop offered by Justin Hopkins goes beyond teaching about Compass. It starts with learning how to study the Bible more effectively and choosing the right curriculum for your congregation.

Some of the other topics include:

  • Using technology effectively in the classroom.
  • Understanding developmental readiness so you can better reach all the ages.
  • Bringing the bible class application home
  • Moving toward evangelism (yes, children can reach souls too!)










Ladies Days

Several of our authors offer ladies days with topics including purity, parenting, Old Testament Prophecy, marriage, and more. Get in touch to discuss your next ladies day.

Gospel Meetings

Several of our authors frequently hold Gospel meetings all over the country. Whether the goal is to strengthen the congregation or to reach souls in the surrounding community we can help you plan your next meeting and make it a success.










Evangelism Workshops

Sometimes it helps to renew enthusiasm for reaching the lost. We can schedule a workshop for your congregation that focuses on the fundamentals of evangelism, introducing several great tools for teaching the Gospel, and providing practical application of skills learned.

By completing the assigned homework from our workshop, each member of your congregation will give at least one precious soul an opportunity to learn the Gospel.

Online Evangelism

The World Wide Web is one of the most powerful tools we have available today for sharing the Gospel. Is your congregation making the best use of the internet to reach souls in your community?

Our social media and web experts can provide training that empowers your members to effectively and easily share God's Word with others using simple online resources.

Get in touch today to learn more or to schedule a seminar.

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