Attitude Church Devotional

What Eats You Up?

John chapter two ends with an abrupt account of Jesus cleansing the Temple. This whole process occupies many hours of His time. He made a scourge (John 2:15). No doubt, He spent much time in thought and prayer as He sat and braided the small cords.

His actions were not a brief fit of rage but calculated deliberate actions. Jesus was passionate about the way that people approached the place of worship, and what they did while they were there.

The disciples watched with wide eyes as Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple with the whip that He had made. They called to mind Psalm 69:9, and David’s words about suffering shame and ridicule, even from family because of his dedication to God.

That day Jesus demonstrated in vivid fashion the care and thought that should go into approaching God in worship. He demonstrated that it matters what we do, how we do it, and the motivation that is in our hearts.
Others around us may never know why we are in worship, but Jesus certainly does, and he cares.
So, what east you up? Is it a passion for serving God, or something else?

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