How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts?

The Lord's people have the important task of taking the Gospel into the whole world. For that to happen, the disciples need to be strengthened in their own faith and equipped for the work of sharing God's truth with others.

Azimuth Media is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is a work of members of the Lord's body. Our aim is to provide the training and tools to local congregations to help them more effectively carry out the Great Commission.


"The Hopkins, as well as others involved in producing these lessons, have proven themselves to be sound, faithful brethren who clearly love the Lord. This material will prove to be a powerful asset in teaching children, reaching those not yet members of the body and strengthening the faith of brethren for years to come."

World Bible Institute

"We found Compass to be well put together, with sound teaching, direct application of the lessons and outstanding illustrations. It has plenty of directions to help new teachers prepare for the class but is also easy enough for experienced teachers to make it their own."

Highland church of Christ

You Can Help

By supporting Azimuth, you are supporting the education of teachers and students of all ages.  The resources are designed to inspire Christians to be evangelistic, so yes. you would be supporting an evangelistic work. 

Build Up Your Congregation

We would absolutely LOVE to come speak to your congregation! We offer workshops on evangelism, teacher training, and more, ranging in length from one to three days. Please contact us and we'll start making plans!

Share With Others

It may be that you know someone who could volunteer to help us do more for the Lord and His church, or who might be interested in supporting our work. Please let us know, and we will contact them with information abo Azimuth and some samples of our work.