You Shall Call His Name Jesus


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You Shall Call His Name Jesus is a step-by-step study guide through Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. Instead of a commentary that tells you everything others think about the book, this work is designed to let the inspired text speak for itself. Utilizing numerous word and phrase definitions, one is able to see what the text actually says, not what someone else thinks it should say. You Shall Call His Name Jesus shows Matthew as it was originally intended to be seen by the Jewish audience to which it was written. While it is common to take individual verses and apply them to whatever topic or discussion one desires, the ability to understand the book in its own context is of immense importance to fully understanding what the Scriptures were intended to communicate. Instead of a narrative approach that takes you away from the Bible to study what the book says, this book is laid out in such a way that it can be utilized side-by­side with your Bible. Divided by chapter and verse segments it is designed to be an easy reference for whatever part of the book you are wanting to study. Whether you are wanting to study the entire book of Matthew or only a portion of it, whether in your personal study or in a Bible class, You Shall Call His Name Jesus helps you get the information you need to understand the text for yourself.

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