Woman’s Role in the Church: A 13 Lesson Study


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Our society changes constantly, and the values that currently dominate it did not come from God. Nowhere is this more evident than in the church, where the role of women has become the subject of hot debate and disagreement. The changed values that have become an accepted part of a woman’s role in society are having a profound impact on our Lord’s precious church, and as Christian women we have a responsibility to know what God has said about the role He intends for us to fill, whether in our homes, in our communities, or in His church. This book is intended to help us fulfill that task, so that we can pass along a clear and accurate understanding of what God has said about our role in the church to each new generation of Christian sisters. If He has given us a role that is different from our brothers’ place in the church, that does not mean He values us less; it means He has specific responsibilities that only we can fulfill. Let us strive to “understand what the will of the Lord is” rather than blindly follow the will of the world around us.

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