“That Ye May Grow…”


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This study guide was designed with a twofold purpose in mind. We wanted to have some material to place in the hands of those newly converted to Christ with the work so designed that the babe in Christ could quickly appreciate both the steps he has taken and the cause in which he’s now involved. We have so written this booklet that we hope many of the questions he might have are very readily answered. But there is a second use envisioned for this booklet. Some of the very information needed by the babe in Christ happens also to be the material those out of Christ must have if they are to ever obey the Gospel. Therefore, we hope the matters contained herein will be such that many saints will use it in their visitation and personal evangelism work. For those readers who have just recently obeyed the Gospel, we hope you can readily grasp the points made, and that the entire study process will speed your growth in Christ.

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