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You know the Tabernacle is important because it’s talked about so much in Scripture, but how do you communicate its message? How do you show how the Tabernacle gave a picture of Christ and pointed to the salvation He would bring?

Perhaps as you’ve read the description of the Tabernacle you’ve found yourself getting bogged down in all the details. You’ve read the measurements and descriptions but still don’t have a good picture of what it was actually like.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just see it? That rather than having to try to get a mental picture of how it all worked that there was something you could physically look at to help explain it?

The Tabernacle Model Kit gives you just that! Assembling this 328piece kit can not only help expand your understanding of the Tabernacle, but in the end it will also give you an excellent tool to help teach others about the Tabernacle. The parts are made of a durable plastic with rubber figures, making for a lightweight finished product. The pieces do not come painted and although it can be assembled asis, for a more realistic model painting is recommended (paints and brushes not included). Instructions for assembly are included with the model. View the Tabernacle Assembly & Painting Guide.

Use The Tabernacle Model Kit to help incorporate the Tabernacle with your teaching of Christ and the gospel message.

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