Making Known God’s Eternal Purpose


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The Bear Valley church of Christ has worked to fulfill God’s eternal purpose thought was to hide it, but then they told one another , works it has accomplished in over 50 years of existence, none can match the global impact God has made through our school of preaching— known today as the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Last month began our 50th year of preacher training. This year’s lectureship examines the book Ephesians. There, Paul speaks of ’’God’s Eternal Purpose’’ (3:9-11). Preaching is a fundamental part of how God communicates His purpose to mankind. What a fitting theme as we prayerfully embark on continuing this effort for many years to come. On these pages, the reader read and be challenged to focus on the many things that are right with the church. will discover the rich message of the epistles and its application.The individuals participating enjoy an excellent reputation throughout our great brotherhood for soundness and ability, and we are thankful to have had them participate with us in this memorable lectureship. May God bless the reader of these pages with a renewed appreciation for God’s eternal purpose, and may He be glorified as we work together to accomplish it through the church of His Son.

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