“Let Us Rise Up and Build”: Nehemiah



Nehemiah: Rebuild & Reunion provides twenty-nine comprehensive outlines on the book of Nehemiah. Please feel free to use them to the glory of God. This book of comprehensive outlines is a unique look at the book of Nehemiah by the alumni of the Brown Trail School of Preaching. There are many expository, verse by verse, studies of Nehemiah on bookshelves. This book takes a fresh look at Nehemiah from five different perspectives: we explore the Trilogies of Nehemiah; The Leadership of Nehemiah; The Fellowship of the People; The Word of God; and finally, there seven lessons specifically designed with the ladies in mind. This series of comprehensive outlines has been developed in conjunction with the 2018 Brown Trail School of Preaching Lectureship, hosted by the Brown Trail Church of Christ, in Bedford, Texas. This lectureship is conducted by the Alumni Association in conjunction with the Brown Trail School of Preaching the second week of January every year.

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