Kevin Cauley

Born in Abilene, Tex., in 1968, Kevin Cauley, Faculty of New Testament, was adopted into the Charles and Bobbie Cauley family as an infant. They moved to Austin, TX., where he was reared. He graduated from the Southwest School of Bible Studies in 1989. He earned a BA degree in Philosophy and Greek from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. In 1991 Kevin married the former Mary Lynn Forehand. He worked in the computer industry from 1995-2001. During these years, he preached part time in Texas and Louisiana. In January of 2002 he began preaching for the Berryville church of Christ in Berryville, Arkansas where he preached for six years. He began working with the Southwest School of Bible Studies as a full time instructor in January of 2008. In 2010 Kevin received a Master of Liberal Arts degree from St. Edwards University in Austin. He has done mission work in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Panama. He has four sons.

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