Bill Jackson

W. N. “Bill” Jackson served in the U.S. Marine Corp, which took him to Korea in 1951. While in the Marines he began preach-ing. Aft er attaining the rank of Captain he was honorably dis-charged and began work as a full-time preacher in 1956. He was educated at the University of Alabama, the Naval Law School, and graduated from David Lipscomb College in 1958 with a major in Bible and a minor is speech.

Brother Jackson was an able debater, holding some sixteen debates on a variety of topics. Kevin Cauley recalls that, “While brother Jackson strongly disagreed with his opponents, he was always the commensurate gentleman.”

For some ten years he served as the minister of the Southwest Church of Christ in Austin, TX. While there he established and served as director of the Southwest lectures, and also taught at the Southwest School of Bible Studies.

Bill Jackson authored several books, including commentaries on First and Second Corinthians, a booklet on the elder and his work, this volume, and a study book for youth, entitled, “In the Days of Thy Youth.”

On April 5th, 1991, Brother Jackson passed from this life due to a heart attack. Nevertheless, his infl uence lives on through his writings, and through the lives that he touched.

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