Never Thirst Again!

The Samaritan woman knew the path to the well intimately. Her feet had traversed its stones and gravel thousands of times. The work of drawing water and hauling it back to town was back-breaking, and she repeated it every day.

When Jesus mentioned that He could offer water that would be a continual supply of nourishment and refreshment, she wanted to know how to get it. Of course, He wasn’t talking about literal water. He was talking of the spiritual truth that He offered; truth that provides hope and light in a world of darkness and uncertainty. Truth that provides salvation and peace with God.

While your cup of coffee will be empty before you finish reading this article, the truth of God’s Word is something that you can return to and draw from again and again. While following Jesus does not eliminate the drudgeries of daily life, it gives purpose, guidance, and hope that gives new meaning to even the smallest of tasks. It gives the context of eternity to the daily struggles, and like the forgotten water pot, makes them seem insignificant when compared to the blessings Jesus can give.

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