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It’s A Miracle!

In John 2:11 we read that Jesus’ first miracle “manifested His glory.” It was a significant event to all who saw or heard of it.

It is easy when we read our Bibles to imagine that miracles were a commonplace occurrence. We tend to picture Abraham walking out of his tent every morning, stretching, yawning, and getting his latest instructions from God over coffee. Yet, he often went YEARS without hearing anything from God!

The thing that made this miracle so significant was that this was a truly rare occurrence. God performed miracles with purpose. They were designed to confirm the truth of the message being delivered by the speaker (Hebrews 2:3-4), and to produce faith in us as we read about them (John 20:30-31).

While God doesn’t do miracles today, we can benefit from the ones we find in Scripture. We should pay attention to them, and learn the lessons that they teach. They are there to help your faith grow.

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