How a Husband is Supposed to Be

How a Husband is Supposed to Be
How a Husband is Supposed to Be | Choosing Epic

In today’s society it seems more and more that the man is being stripped of the dignity that makes him a man, run over, and pushed into a corner by feminists. When the official feminist movement swept through America, it fed a generation lies that all men were sexist and bred a generation to have a disdain for the traditional male part in family life. As a woman, I see the need for females to be treated fairly, and as a Christian I see that this woulMan holding flowersd be inevitable if people would follow the Law of God.
Jehovah was NEVER okay with women being treated poorly in ANY way. He did however make men to be physically stronger and gave him a position of authority over the female (Gen 3:16) that should be honored, not abused by the man or the woman. Today, many of the T.V. shows portray the man as lazy, silly, or having abandoned his responsibilities, and the woman or even the children running the household! In the very least, roles are stripped altogether, and the household is run as a democracy, which takes the value and even the definition away from biblical roles. The way Hollywood portrays the ideal family may seem harmless, but in actuality it does great harm in influencing our society into taking the fantasy of television and adopting it into preferred reality.
One of the beauties of marriage is the roles of husbands and wives and how they treat each other. It is written over and over again how a husband is to love and honor his wife. One of the aspects of this love is that it is self -sacrificing love . This means he puts her well-being above his own. A husband is not to mistreat his wife in any way. He is not to abuse his position as head over her, but gently lead her and their family toward Heaven. He is to rejoice with her (Prov 5:18, Ecc 9:9), knowing how precious a gift she is from the Lord (Prov 18:22).

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