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Resources to Strengthen, Equip, and Edify

Books by Faithful Brethren.

Whether you are looking for something to use in your personal studies, a tool to share the Gospel, or source material for a Bible class, it can be difficult to find quality material that is trust-worthy. Each of our authors is a faithful member of the Lord's church. If you can't find what you're looking for give us a call. We can point you in the right direction.

Complete Bible Class Curriculum.

Of all the things a local congregation does, perhaps nothing has a greater impact on the members of the church, and its growth in the community than the Bible class. That is why Compass is the crown jewel of all that we do. Our aim is to provide curriculum that helps the teacher turn their students into disciples of Christ, while at the same time feeding their own spiritual growth.

There is a great deal that goes into a Bible class, and so we provide lesson plans, PowerPoints, videos, songs, memory verses, quizzes, activity ideas, classroom decoration instructions, artwork, photography, and more. Everything is the product of faithful Christian volunteers, and the Bible is the center and basis of it all.

Biblical Homeschool Curriculum.

It is true that a student may successfully navigate a curriculum filled with dangerous ideas, and emerge a faithful Christian; but why should our children have to? Isn’t this one of the primary reasons that we are homeschooling them? With SkyPoint, each writer is a faithful Christian, a member of the Lord’s Body. Because of this, a proper understanding of God, mankind, and the created world permeates the teaching in every subject. You don’t have to worry about counter-teaching the materials that you give to your children. While SkyPoint is robust and will prepare your child to do great things in life, above all, it will help you prepare them for the greatest life of all: one that gets them to Heaven!

Justin Hopkins

Workshops & Training.

Nothing that we do in this life is more important than the work of making disciples. This includes, of course, evangelism, but also teaching through the Bible class program, and in special events like ladies' days, men's retreats, and seminars. We have several faithful men and women who would love to come to your congregation and help provide intensive training and edification for your members and those around you.

Our offerings include:

  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • Evangelism Seminars
  • Gospel Meetings & Campaigns
  • Ladies' Days
  • Men's Retreats
  • Youth Events
Graphic design, printing, and other outreach tools

Outreach Tools & Services.

The power of God unto salvation is in the Gospel. That will always be true. Our task as Christians is to reach those around us with that message. Our Lord reminded His disciples to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

That is why we provide congregations with professional graphic design, printing, web design, and marketing services. Typically, first class services like these are beyond the reach of a church budget. However, it is our belief that the Gospel message is so important, that it should be given our best in how we present it to the world. Get in touch for a free consultation, and let us help you form a strategy to make an impact in your community with the message of salvation.

Meet the Team


Justin Hopkins

Is a graduate of the Southwest School of Bible studies, Amridge University, and Southwest Graduate School of Bible. He preaches for the church in Itasca, TX. He is in charge of developing Compass Bible class curriculum and oversees the day to day operations at Azimuth. Check out his website at


DonBioPic 800s

Don Garey

Is preaching for the congregation in Quintown, AL. He is a talented graphic designer and produces custom designs for business cards, brochures, bulletins, websites, logos, and more.Check out his website


Derek 800s

Derek Drake

Derek preaches for the Loveland Heights Church of Christ in Loveland, Ohio. He has more than a decade of experience developing and implementing social media strategies for local broadcast TV stations and continues to consult for media outlets around the world. He is passionate about the church and evangelistic outreach, with a focus on reaching more people in an ever-evolving, digitally-connected age. He and his wife, Sarah, have three sons. He maintains a blog at
alaina 800s

Alaina Bennett

Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009 with a bachelors In graphic design and a minor in advertising design. Her designportfolio includes Logos, wedding invitations, print media and marketing materials. She is a happily married mother of three with one on the way.

leah 800s

Leah Hopkins

Is a Graduate of the Southwest School if Bible Studies, the author of several books, and an amazing graphic designer. She handles most of the design work for Compass, as well as much of the writing for younger ages. She really enjoys creating beautiful things. Check out her blog and store at


ben 800s

Ben Giselbach

Is preaching for the Edgewood congregation in Columbus, GA. He is a talented writer and graphic designer. He produces designes for business cards, flyers, brochures, and websites, and is a published author. Check out his personal blog at

angel 800s

Angel Grinnell

Angel is a member of the church at Granbury St. in Cleburne. She keeps things running smoothly around the office.


Lea Wu

Lea is a member of the church in Grand Rapids, Mi. She runs a private homeschool, and teaches students of several different ages, including her own children. She is the administrator for Skypoint, and oversees the development of quality homeschool curriculum.



lee 800s

Lee Snow

Is preaching for the Warm Springs Rd. congregation in Columbus, GA. He is a talented writer and graphic designer, and produces great designs for business cards, flyers, bulletins, books, and websites. Check out his personal blog at

anna 800s

Anna Arreola

Is a member of the church at 9th and Main in San Angelo, TX. She is a professor of English at Angelo State University. She handles most of the editing work.

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