God Is Looking For Worship

Worship is an activity that is central to any religion, and certainly to Christianity. There are many different styles of worship, and opinions about how, where, why, and with whom it should be done. This is not a new phenomenon. The Jews and Samaritans had sharp disagreements with one another, and even amongst themselves about worship.

When the Samaritan woman asked Jesus which group was correct, He speaks of a third group of worshippers that she had not considered. This group is the one that God is not only happy with but is actively seeking! These are the true worshippers (John 4:23-24).

The very idea of true worshippers means that those who are not true worshippers must be false worshippers. This should get our attention.
The true worshippers worship the Father, not some other God. They worship Him in spirit. Their heart and emotion are poured into worship. It is not just a dry ceremony. They also worship Him in truth, that is, in the way that the truth of God’s Word specifies (John 17:17).

How do you worship God? Are you part of the group He is looking for?

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