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God Cares About Design

We often speak about the wonders of God's design in nature, and how that it definite proof of His existence, power, wisdom, and love. The amazing beauty, use of color, texture, and symmetry in God's design is truly breathtaking. While He created everything with a simple command, His meticulous attention to detail is overwhelmingly evident.

As the church, we are His servants and representatives in the world. Our work of taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world is the most important work ever conceived on God's green earth. That being the case, should we not carry out that work with the care and thoughtfulness that it deserves?

The power of God to salvation rests squarely in the simple truth of the Gospel message. This has always been true, and always will be. Our job is to present that message in such a way that We capture the interest of those that need to hear it, and that they can understand and obey it. While good design doesn't save souls, bad design can cause them to be lost by turning them away from God's message of salvation!

That is why we have assembled a team of professional designers that are faithful members of the Lord's church. Whether you are announcing a Gospel meeting, welcoming visitors, or reaching out to the community on a daily basis, good design is important. Let us help you carry the Gospel by working with you to design your outreach tools, from logos and business cards to websites, brochures, tracts, signs, and banners we can help you present the Gospel as effectively as possible.

Our Latest Project

The Highland church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX scheduled a friends and family day as a major community outreach. In order to help get the word out into the community, our design team worked with the congregation's leadership to create custom flyers, posters, and business cards for members to distribute in the community. We then built a custom web page to help give community members more information about the event and help secure commitments to attend.

We then built a custom web page to help give community members more information about the event and help secure commitments to attend. We also designed a facebook event invitation and ran a targeted facebook ad campaign to invite neighbors who lived within a few miles of the church building and had some connection to the church but were not members.

As a result, the event was a resounding success, with total attendance over double the average weekly attendance. Several new contacts were made with members of the community who were looking for a church home, enabling church members to follow up with these seekers and set up Bible studies.

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